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Toronto 2000 

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Asilomar 1999 

SIG Chair:  James Simms
43rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Systems Sciences, at the Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California, June 26 to July 2, 1999

Monday, June 28, 1999 (1:15 to 3:15 p.m.)

    Paper Session

  • Lane Tracy, "Is Gaia a Living System?"
  • Kenneth D. Bailey, "Subsystem Competition in Complex Societies: Bureaucratic goal displacement and secondary entropy"
  • James R. Simms, "Principles of a Quantitative Living Systems Science: Individuals"

Monday, June 28, 1999 (3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.)

Paper Session

  • F. Scott Cowan, Janet K. Allen, and Farrokh Mistree, "Employing Perspectives with Living Systems Theory in Engineering Design"
  • Parviz Ahari, "Systemic Usability Engineering Experiences from a software development project"
  • Youn-Soo Sim, "On the Subsystems Processing the Energy and Information in the Current Relations between South and North Korea"
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