General Principles

Systemic philosophy asks the question, "How can we understand systems?" With the perspectives of systems philosophy, we look at the world in terms of facts and events in the context of wholes, and we understand them as integrated sets purposefully arranged in systemic relations. In contrast to the analytic, reductionist, linear, single cause-and-effect view of the philosophy of classical science, systems philosophy brings forth a reorganization of ways of thinking and knowing perceived reality, a view manifested in synthetic, expansionist, dynamic, and multiple/mutual causality modes of thinking and inquiring, how things work more than what things are. BHB

A Starting Place gb

Why a Systems View? bhb

General Semantics as a philosophy pp

Synergy and the Systems Sciences pc

Is there a general System? tm

New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind el

Jan Smuts, Father of Holism hb

Whorf Sapir Hypothesis lvb