Subj: Bertalanffy-List: What Agha Iqrar Haroon frp, Pakistan says after reading the Manifesto
Date: 10/24/01 3:34:17 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (elohimjl)
To: (Bertalanffy Mailing List)


Dear Madam/Sir,

I was shocked to read your mail [Manifesto agreed in the First Latin
AmericanColloquium on Interpretive Systemology] which I read countless
times before commenting on these serious and sensitive issues which are so
sensitive that nobody is daring to even think about them and explaining in
words is beyond expectations of me or many like me.

I do not know should I appreciate you or criticize you. However, I am
firm on one points that this is a forum I want to explain my personal views
on an on-going abuse of human rights, donations and "selling the name of
poor living in remote mountain areas". As I deal only in sustainable
mountain development, I would express my views what is going on in Pakistan
done by top names in NGOs which are tools of United Nations and other top
bodies of the world. My open letter which I have pasted at our site
<> states as follows:


Informing people to behave properly and friendly while visiting fragile
ecosystems should be the prime duty of institutions, organisations and
groups working in the field of Ecotourism. Understanding issues, problems
and try to find solutions is the most important tool to help Nature.

This core role should have been followed by Non Government Organisations
(NGOs). However, things are otherwise today and mostly NGOs dealing in the
field of sustainable tourism and its related issues are currently busy in
spending huge amounts out of donations on their lavish and comfortable
expensive vehicles and amazing salaries. Their main concerns are staging
functions and organizing workshops at big hotels of mega cities. It
obviously does not help people living in remote areas of mountain ranges.

Here Ecotourism Society Pakistan came forward in October 1998. A group of
old scouts, rovers and nature lovers came up closer and constituted ESP. It
was decided that the sitting President will bear the running cost of
Society while other would give their time and potentials to run this
organisation. Membership is free. Donations are discouraged. One can work
without huge amounts if there is a will to work, we believe.

Being the President, I am trying hard to bear cost and making this
organisation as an example to follow. Help nature is not "business" we
believe. We all do our other jobs for living and spend money on this
organisation out of our pockets. You may think we are crazy. Yes we may
are. History is witness that only crazy people have done something for
mankind and Nature.

ESP is of the opinion that it is prime responsibility of donor agencies to
look where money is being spent by NGOs. Moreover multinational firms which
are providing huge funds to donor agencies for sustainable environment
should also play their role to stop this pilferage and misuse of money.
Advocacy does not mean that 80 percent of total donations should be spent
on workshops, conferences, meetings and salaries of staff only.

I have been crying over this misuse and abuse of funds which should have
gone to poor living in Mountain areas. However, I and we are resource less
and poor people and nobody nobody listen to us. My this bold stance has
caused nothing to me just joblesness and no business since long.

I have expressed my views and hope that you would continue sending us your
thought provoking thoughts.

with regards

Agha Iqrar Haroon
Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP)