Dear and respected friends,

I stand to make my personal position known, counter to what many of my
countryfolk think and hold.

Violence and military actions will not bring any satisfactory end to the core
cultural conflicts that we are faced to immediately confront.

I value and cherish the lives of my Islamic sisters and brothers as much as my
Christian, Buddhist, agnostic, Jewish and other, sisters and brothers. And more
importantly, I cherish and fear for all our world's children. I am of a faith
unlisted here so my concern is with every and all. Do not try to categorize the
reason for my embrace, simply know that it is, and that it is real.

We are at a moment when human conversation alone is the path to salvation. The
sheer force of pervasive commercial involvement was to have been an effective
mechanism for global coordination and unification BUT it falls short of the
first priority: human dignity, in all the forms that people choose - and have
the right to self determine - that such dignity entails for themselves and their
communities of mutual concern.

It is time to bring all our wariness, our demands and aspirations, and come to a
meeting to finally resolve a safe and dignified future for all peoples and
cultures. It is time to come to Council and be prepared to receive and give
accomodations immediately. To express needs and act definitively to provide for
all neighbors' welfares.

Billions of years of life on this planet have succeeded and flourished based on
required coherent diversity of life-types. Humanity is no exception.
Mono-culture will never be the securing base for a holistic unified economic
globe. Cultural diversity .. which reactively seems to be each culture's fear
and threat .. is in fact the only way humanity will thrive and advance.

We must really know and believe that. Our differences are our mutual strength,
not some threat to personal traditions. But we are required to not just think
of each other that way, but to ACT in protection of traditions not of our
personal choosing or practice.

I call for an immediate assembly of economic leaders, religious representatives,
media specialists, and high ranking heads of state to a Global Welfare Council.
I call on all parties to a moratorium on all aggression of any and all sorts
planet wide for a period of at least 90 days while the assembly convenes. That
includes any and all 'preparations' for aggression of any and all sorts while
this assembly of goodwill is in session. And such commitment extended as each
anniversary of time draws near.

I call on all parties to be ready to commit to receive and give changes of
performance, opinions and beliefs in order to achieve the anticipated goal:
Dignity and the space to live self determined but mutually
supportive/acknowledged lives together.

Our human species must change its value system. We must respect life more than
we concern ourselves with existence after life. Not deny that next realm, but
raise the respect of life to a par with it.

Every life deserves a voice in the world and having that voice heard and
respected .. by actions of respect, not just words of it.


My heart is with all of you, but love is not enough, nor is choosing
non-violence. If we do not survive diversely, we shall persish uniformly - and
completely. This is the moment of transformation. It is something totally
new in the experience of history and in the mindmemories of human beings. We
are about to - because we CAN - reinvent ourselves. It is frightening and
unmapped, but we have the seminal skills to do it and therefore, with great
confidence and courage .. we must.

I bless you my friends, my esteemed and cherished life companions, and ask for
your blessing in return. It is YOUR opinion and feeling than matters in this
world, none other.

James Rose
Ceptual Institute