A spear in the chest and subsequent events [Ray Anderson, ISSS 1998 Plenary Session, July 22/98]

[Plenary session, July 22/98, 10:15 a.m.]

Ray Anderson

Asked people to stand up and give a hug. Usually style is to disturb, but sees that we've already been disturbed.

How his company understand sustainability, and how they approach it.

Chart: net sales and EBITDA

First 21 years, never thought about what we were taking from the earth, and doing to the earth. Every living system and life-support system is in stress and decline. Hawkins posed: who would lead? Looked in the mirror. Dana Meadows article: Places to intervene in a system. (Whole Earth Review) Mindset behind industrial revolution: Paul Hawkins says new industrial revolution needs to be based on a finite earth. Challenged people in 1994. Ultimate problem is the mindset.

How to communicate to company:

Interface logo: Prototypical company of the 21st century -- the next industrial revolution. Pursuing on 7 fronts (7 faces of sustainability)
  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Benign emissions
  3. Renewable energy, believe it should be solar in the long run.
  4. Closing the loop:
  5. Resource efficient transportation.
  6. Sensitivity hookup
  7. Redesign commerce itself
Company is ahead of the regulatory process Environment impact equation: First industrial revolution Must move to second industrial revolution: Ascendancy of women in management has come in the nick of time.


Change in mindsets: raping the environment is good for the individual in the short term. Can we do this without regulation? The most important place to intervene is at the paradigm. What approaches to changing the paradigm work? Should we continue to treat the population as objects? Father of 8 children. As objects, they don't participate in the process. Synergy for everyone, or generosity for a few? Had university declaration of human rights, need universal declaration of human duties?

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