Multiperspective management, west & east [Zhichang Zhu, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 23/98]

[Paper session, July 22/98, 3:40 p.m.]

Zhichang Zhu, Lincoln School of Management

Systems thinking is for ...

Multiperspective management: Have Linstone Technical, Organizational, Personal (American) WSR (Chinese) approach:

Li -- loses many meanings in translation -- common word.

Wu Shi Ren: Systems thinking, the three condition and imply each other. W = natural, technical

S = psycho-cognitive

R = socio-political

Philosophy of WSR:

Population at communist take over was .4B people, which has, over 40 years, became 1.2 b people. Have used an approach in Northern China for a water resource support system Also have a methodology for WSR. Can't force when W, S, and R bubble up -- just need to prepare

In U.K., first social, then technical:

Will end now, but have comparison between WSR and Linstone's approach.

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