Edited by Charles Francois

1997. 423 pages. Hardbound. DM 398.00 ISBN 3-598-11357-9

The International Encyclopedia of Systems and cybernetics presents, for the first time, a complete overview of the field of systems and cybernetics and its development from its beginnings more than forty years ago up to the present.

It includes both general and well-known basic concepts and specific and detailed information on the subject. Much of this information was, until now, scattered among hundreds of papers presented in international or national meetings, most of them completely out of the reach of the majority of scholars.

The work contains nearly 3,000 entries, listed in alphabetical order, with numerous verbatim quotes from hundreds of authors and more than 1,200 specific references as well as general information about Systems and Cybernetic Societies in the world and about the principal journals in the field.

The International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics is an indispensable tool for any scientist, librarian, student or researcher seeking to establish better transdisciplinary comunication with specialists in other disciplines. Leaders with economic, political or social responsibilities will want to consult it regularly as will any member of the general public who has questions on this subject. This is a book that should be on the shelf of every university library and in the faculties of philosophy, economy, history, politics, sociology, and communications.

About the Author.

Charles Froncois is a Belgian citizen, born 1922 and retired from the Belgian Foreign Service since 1987. He was educated in Belgium and lived in Central Africa from 1945 to 1960, first as an administrative officer and later on as owner of hi own business. His first contact with Cybernetics was in 1952 through Wiener's foundational 1948 work on Cybernetics. In 1958 he become a member of the former Society for General Systems Research (now ISSS). Participant from 1970 on in numerous meetings of various Systems and Cybernetics Societies, he is member of the board Of some of them, and integrates the editorial board of four of foremost journals on Systems and Cybernetics; He is also author of numerous papers and books on systemic topics.

Francois lives in Argentina since 1963 and created the Argentine National Division of the ISSS in 1976, being presently its Honorary President.


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