Loss of harmony at an evolutionary stage leads to the loss of all those evolutionary qualities. It leads to the breakdown and eventual disintegration of the evolutionary system. The tragic event of September11 is horrible evidence of the total breakdown of harmony in the global system of humanity.

So, our larger task is the creation of harmony among all the rich diversity of nations, cultures, races, and faiths. I wish our government would embrace this larger task as the real solution.

If the government does not -- if the governments around the word do not -- undertake this task, we can. We can and we must. We can and we must create harmony from the ground-up. Creating harmony from the ground-up means creating harmony within our families, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and in the systems in which we live and work. A society of harmony can be created by the thousands and thousands of "Agoras," harmony builder communities, and organizations of all kinds. From the work of these future - creating systems global harmony can be build from the ground up.    

Following the many memorial services and a period of morning, we are told to go to back to our daily tasks and establish normalcy. Keep the status quo. Our response to this call is a resounding no. Our response to this tragedy can be nothing less that accepting the challenge of becoming harmony creators, future builders, and designers of evolutionary future.

Is there a will and a passion in our Systems Community to become harmony builders and future creators?         

BHB 92301