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Lugano Summer School


Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland

School web site: http://www.lss.lu.unisi.ch/ - Email: lugano-summer-school@gmx.ch

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 Continuing Education in Systems Thinking  

 ... In Beautiful Switzerland!


International Summer School of Systems Design (LSS),

University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano


The Lugano Summer School of Systems Design is an annual four-week gathering of students and practitioners of systems thinking and contemporary systems methodologies. It takes place each year from mid-June to mid-July and unites participants from different countries and from various professional fields such as industrial and systems engineering, business and public management, operational research, information systems design, consultancy, public policy analysis, public-sector planning, and others. Participants are offered a unique opportunity to learn about different systems approaches directly from some of their originators or from otherwise distinguished specialists. Successful participants are awarded a diploma and can earn academic credits. The Economic Faculty of the University of Italian Switzerland (USI) in Lugano is hosting the School. The city of Lugano, with the extraordinary beauty of its natural environment and its Mediterranean flair, provides a stimulating setting both for studying and for relaxing.

Systems Design stands for the basic idea that we can better understand and solve problems by looking at them in terms of the design of whole systems. Systems Design is about achieving improvement in situations of complexity, uncertainty, and conflict. The Summer School will focus each year on a number of selected approaches to Systems Design and will examine the way they can be combined, as well as promote reflective professional practice of these approaches.

Faculty: The School’s outstanding international Faculty includes:

Note: Not all faculty members will teach every year.

Academic Program: The academic program currently comprises four course modules of 16 hours each. The goal each year will be to present a number of different systems methodologies and thereby to increase the problem-solving skills of participants, as well as to promote the use of different approaches for the benefit of reflective professional practice.

Registration: To apply, please complete the registration form in the School website. Definitive admission requires full payment of tuition and fees. Registration deadline is the 1st of April of each year. However, early registration is advisable, as a maximum of 40 participants will be admitted only. Late registrations will be considered so long as places and accommodation are still available.

Information: For detailed information on the Lugano Summer School, please consult the School web site at http://www.lss.lu.unisi.ch/ . Inquiries to the School Director, Prof. Ulrich, at lugano-summer-school@gmx.ch .