Tetronic Notation of Rosen's Modeling Relation



When the primary assumption is that of a whole, the first principle is that of simple division and its antithesis is simple division in reverse or integration. But notice what happens, in division, the relationship which held the parts together has been eliminated, and in integration it is absorbed into the new whole. So it has been very easy to ignore it in our conceptual models. The rather innocent sounding goal of science, "to study objects and their relations" dents the every existence of relatonships, instead assigning them to properties of the objects, "their" relations.What Rosen is doing with his model is bringing back the relationships in an explicite way.


Depicted below is Rosen's modeling relation in tetronic notation.


Notice that 1 and 4 are elementals while 2 and 3 are relationships.

Isn't this saying that the only way F can model N is by way of relationships? This model also seems to be consistent with Korzybski's "observing structure (first) as a means of abstracting more sanely.next"

Interestingly, the model can be simplified into first principles as depicted in fig. 2 below




When designing a metamodel, the idea is not to develop a metamodel that everything must be translated into, this would entail all of science learning a new language amounting to just another "scientific religion" The idea here is to develop a metamodel such that it can be translated into any other model.