International Society

for the Systems Sciences

1997-98 President

G.A. Swanson

Welcome to the ISSS Homepage of G. A. Swanson,

1997-98 President of ISSS.

Dr. Swanson is Professor of Accounting and Business Law at Tennessee Technological University. He first joined the ISSS in 1984 and has served the Society as Co-organizer and chair of the Living Systems Analysis SIG, member of the Council and President- Elect 1996-1997.

Professor Swanson has been at Tennessee Tech since 1982. He is a Certified Public Accountant, has served the Tennessee Society of CPA in various positions, and is founder and first president of the Tennessee Society of Accounting Educators.

Dr. Swanson believes strongly that collaboration on specific research projects among systems thinkers that have different views and specialists from traditional disciplines of science, philosophy, humanities, and the arts is a very efficient means of advancing and applying systems science. This belief has been strengthened over the years as he collaborated with researchers in such projects as co-authoring a book applying Living Systems Theory (LST) to accounting measurement with James Grier Miller, father of LST, a book applying LST to auditing theory with Hugh L. Marsh, head of internal auditing for Alcoa Aluminum for many years, a book integrating linguistic-Mathematical Theory, LST and Applications to Management information systems with Heikki Heiskanen consultant to the city of Helsinki, and numerous articles with such people as T.F. H. Allen in Hierarchy Theory, Helmut Burkhardt in Systems Education, and Peter Winiwarter on the propagation of statistical error in accounting reports.

If you are interested in systems science but do not know how to really get started, G. A. can likely find someone in systems science whose interests overlap yours. Just contact him, he will be happy to get you started.

You may contact him at:

Department of Accounting and Business Law

Tennessee Tech University

Box 5024

Cookeville, TN 38505 USA


1-931-372-3883, Fax 1-931-372-6249

For more detailed information about Dr. Swanson's activities and publications visit him at: