2007/08/06 10:00 Masuo Aizawa, "Welcome", ISSS Tokyo 2007

2007/08/06 10:00 Masuo Aizawa, "Welcome", ISSS Tokyo 2007

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[Jim Kijima]

Jim Kijima

Declare the conference as open

Invite Masuo Aizawa, president of Toyko institute of Technology, to welcome for the conference

[Masuo Aizawa]

Masuo Aizawa

Universities undergoing change to become internationally competitive

Recently, universities in Japan have each become independent entities

Tokyo Tech goals:

  • Producing world class graduates
  • World class knowledge
  • Society through world class knowledge

Excellence through diversity

Systems science: diversity for viability

2002 Ministry of Education ... program of international competitiveness

  • Tokyo Tech granted 12 COEs, 5 completed this year
  • This meeting is being cohosted by one of the COEs, Agent-Based Systems, with Kyoichi Kijima as leader