SIG Contact Details

Please contact the following SIG chairs for further information and any questions you may have about submitting a paper to a specific SIG.

SIGs SIG Chair(s) Contact
Agent-based Social Simulation Shingo Takahashi
Aging Systems Daniel Hershey
Applied Systems & Development Dennis Finlayson and Jae Yu
Critical Systems Theory & Practice Jennifer Wilby
Designing Educational Systems Ockie Bosch
Duality Theory ISSS Office
Evolutionary Development Alexander and Kathia Laszlo
Futurism & Systems Change open
Hierarchy Theory Jennifer Wilby
Human Systems Inquiry ISSS Office
Living Systems Analysis Jim Simms
Medical and Health Systems Thomas Wong
Meta-Modeling & Systems Epistemology Janet McIntyre
Organisational Transformation & Social Change Maurice Yolles
Primer Project Tom Mandel
Research Towards General Theories of Systems Lynn Rasmussen
Roundtable Sue Gabriele
Spirituality and Systems Carl Swanson
Students SIG Nicholas Magliocca
Systems Applications in Business & Industry David Ing
Systems Biology and Evolution Len Troncale
Systems Design & Information Technology Bela A Banathy
Systems Modeling & Simulation ISSS Office
Systems Pathology Len Troncale
Systems Philosophy & Systems Ethics ISSS Office
Systems Psychology & Psychiatry (Mental Health) Tamar Zohar Harel and
Pamela Buckle Henning Information
Systems Specific Technology Vadim Kvitash
What is Life/Living John Kineman
Women and Children Anne Nelson


Arts Based Inquiry Lezlie Kinyon
Foundations of Information Systems Soren Brier and Bela Banathy

In addition the above sessions, the Student SIG and ISSS Roundtable SIG will be organized and the format for these sessions is interwoven into the program. These groups do not accept abstracts or paper submissions. Anyone who is interested is welcome and invited to participate; please see the website for information about the organization of these sessions or contact Nicholas Magliocca (Student SIG) or Sue Gabriele (Roundtable SIG) for further information.