2019 Projects

ISSS 2019-2020 Action Projects
At the 2019 Annual Conference ISSS members discussed a number of action projects during 4 one hour plenary workshops. The results are on video on the Corvallis 2019 Video page (members only).
They are listed in no particular order.
1. Saturday SIG Sessions - Deeanna Burleson, John Vodonick
2. SIG Relations - Gary Smith, Jennifer Makar
3. Superorganism Project - Peter Corning
4. ISSS Podcasts - George Mobus
5. Project Krysthalis - Video of ISSS senior members - Steve Wallis
6. ISSS 2020 - Shankar Sankaran and Roelien Goede
7. Curation of SIG Information in thebrain.com Marc Pierson & Peter Tuddenham
8. ISSS Futures - Mike Jackson and Peter Tuddenham
9. Viable Systems Model as a model for ISSS organization - Allenna Leonard
10. Digital Cooperatives - David Ing
11. ISSS Digital Records - Roelien Goede
12 American Society for Cybernetics and ISSS Co-development - Ray Ison and Ben Sweeting
13. ISSS VP Admin Succession Planning - Jennifer Wilby
14. Systems Literacy - Peter Tuddenham, Lynn Rasmussen, Gary Smith, Jennifer Makar, James Martin, Helene Finidori, Janet Singer, Michael Singer, Duane Hybertson, Mike Jackson
15. PR And digital marketing - Angelika Schanda