ISSS 2021 Board Elections
Posted on July 15, 2021 9:00 PM by Shankar Sankaran
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Dear Members
The ISSS 2021 Board Elections have begun on 15th July and you would have received an email in your mailbox. The voting closes on July 30th at 9 PM Pacific Time. We encourage you to cast your vote.
There are three candidates standing for the role of the President - Elect this year.
You are requested to rank them with your order of preference as we have more than two candidates this year.
The candidates will be presented to you in random order. To rank them please use the arrows on the right to move up or down when the candidates are presented to you.
Please visit to look at videos prepared by the three candidates for this position.
There is only one candidate nominated for the following positions.
Vice President Administration
Secretary and Vice-President for Protocol
Vice President Systems Practice
You can vote either yes or no or write-in a name you wish to nominate instead.
The name you are writing in should be a member of ISSS who should be willing to serve in the position you are nominating them for. If the write-in candidate gets more votes than the candidate to be confirmed the ISSS board will discuss the next steps and inform members of the outcome.
I have been requested by the ISSS Board to set up this year's election as the VP Administration is a candidate to be confirmed.
Thanks, and Regards
Shankar Sankaran
Past President
If you have any queries on the voting process, please email me at