Year-End Update 2023 & Looking Ahead to 2024: ISSS Education and Knowledge Engineering Projects
Posted on December 21, 2023 2:15 PM by Daniel Friedman
Categories: Education
I'm reaching out to update you on some of this year's projects at the ISSS(International Society for Systems Science): Education and Knowledge Engineering. 
Throughout the year, we've held weekly meetings for these two projects. The meetings have sparked discussions among too many to list here, catalyzed collaborations, and we've worked with Rob Young of the Systems Community Alliance on making the ISSS archives more accessible (explore these resources HERE).
For those who want to catch up or revisit our discussions, we've documented both the live and written aspects of our work. 
Education: Meeting notes & Video playlist
Knowledge Engineering: Meeting notes & Video playlist
Looking ahead to 2024, we are now considering our direction and focus areas. Our goal is to continue contributing effectively to the Society and the broader field of Systems Science, with an emphasis on meaningful education, research, and service.
Your thoughts and questions are very welcome as we plan for the new year. Your feedback will help guide our efforts, so please feel free to reply to this email with your ideas or areas of interest.
Whether you've been actively involved, following along, or are just getting acquainted with our work, your attention and support are appreciated. I hope you have a peaceful and systemic holiday season.
Daniel Friedman
VP Education, ISSS
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