Update on ISSS 2020
Posted on April 6, 2020 9:00 AM by Shankar Sankaran
Categories: Annual Meeting
Dear members
Our board has now ratified our request to cancel the annual meeting at Stellenbosch this year due the current situation with COVID-19. 
We are still considering the following activities related to our annual meeting. So the Board is still busy and holding mini focused meetings to deal with the following items.
1. Holding discussions on the Grand Challenge of Water that we agreed to do with INCOSE this year. 
2. Continue to call for papers and publish submitted papers after review. Outlets are being discussed.
3. Discussing whether we can provide awards for student papers as we do every year.
4. Publishing the year book in SRBS as we usually do. Discussing how we can secure contributions for this issue.
5. Discussing virtual meetings, regional get together events in small numbers and next year's meeting
6. Calling for nominations and organizing the AGM, Council Meeting and Changeover of the Board in July.
We will keep you posted.
Please stay safe.
On behalf of the board
Shankar Sankaran