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Dear Members
The ISSS 2021 Board Elections have begun on 15th July and you would have received an email in your mailbox. The voting closes on July 30th at 9 PM Pacific Time. We encourage you to cast your vote.
There are three candidates standing for the role of the President - Elect this year.
You are requested to rank them with your order of preference as we have more than two candidates this year.
The candidates will be presented to you in random order. To rank them please use the arrows on the right to move up or down when the candidates are presented to you.
Please visit to look at videos prepared by the three candidates for this position.
There is only one candidate nominated for the following positions.
Vice President Administration
Secretary and Vice-President for Protocol
Vice President Systems Practice
You can vote either yes or no or write-in a name you wish to nominate instead.
The name you are writing in should be a member of ISSS who should be willing to serve in the position you are nominating them for. If the write-in candidate gets more votes than the candidate to be confirmed the ISSS board will discuss the next steps and inform members of the outcome.
I have been requested by the ISSS Board to set up this year's election as the VP Administration is a candidate to be confirmed.
Thanks, and Regards
Shankar Sankaran
Past President
If you have any queries on the voting process, please email me at
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OECD published this in February 2020: New Approaches to Economic Challenges -  Systemic Thinking for Policy Making
The Potential of Systems Analysis for Addressing Global Policy Challenges in the 21st Century
From the website: The OECD has invited Nobel laureates and many of the world’s leading thinkers from government, the private sector and academia to debate innovative approaches to the major questions facing humanity. This series summarises their analyses and proposals on the interlinked challenges facing our societies, environment and economies: from the climate emergency to inequality, the digital economy, or the financial system. The OECD’s New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) initiative was launched in 2012 to investigate the roots and lessons of the financial crisis, and renew and strengthen analytical and policy approaches with fresh thinking, engaged research and dialogue.
Posted on February 18, 2021 1:45 PM by Peter Tuddenham
New Books in Systems and Cybernetic‪s‬ is a podcast series that you may be interested in downloading
Yesterday I listened to Nora Bateson talk about her book from 2016. Well worth the hour to listen. I ma listening to podcasts as I go for a walk for an hour in these covid times. I especially like the last chapter on "symmathesy". I would be interested in your comments.
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Save the dates 8-13 July for the first ISSS online virtual conference and second online AGM. More details and info very sooon.
Posted on November 13, 2020 5:00 PM by Peter Tuddenham
The Primer Project of ISSS was an ambitous effort to capture some of the essence of General Systems Theory on a previous ISSS website.
We moved the ISSS website to a new server in May 2020 and so the old primer site became unavailable.
Rob Young with support from Peter Tuddenham has revived and updated much of this primer website. Thank you Rob Young for your work on this project.
You can find it here
If you find errors or links not working please email webadmin at
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Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to spend time with a number of former Presidents of ISSS and share my experiences so far as President of ISSS 2018-19 and to hear from them about their experiences as President of ISSS and now perspectives as Past President and a Trustee.
In January David Rousseau (ISSS President 2017-18) and I both attended the INCOSE International Workshop in Torrance California. Also in January  I visited Len Troncale ( ISSS President 1990-91) in his Claremont, California Office where he has a significant number of  historical journals, papers and books of ISSS. 
Debora Hammond  (ISSS President 2005-06) and I have spoken about membership trends and issues and her experience with the annual conference.
Gary Metcalf (ISSS President 2007-08) and I have regular conversations that began when he was President of the International Federation for Systems Research We meet on bluejeans video conferencing and discuss ways to broaden the engagement between systems sciences and groups and leaders around the world.
David Ing ( ISSS President 2011-12) and I have had several Skype meetings over the past few months reviewing the whole ISSS data management and website challenges.
Alexander Laszlo (ISSS President 2012-13) and I have had several conversations about a group called Grupo Mar, a group concerned with matters of education and the ocean in Argentina that emerged or developed from the Argentina Systems Sciences Chapter of ISSS. He also gave a great overview of his SIG work on a recent SIG Session on Saturday, see
In February Gerald Midgley (ISSS President 2013-14) and I spoke at length about the vision for systems sciences an what ISSS might accomplish in the next 5 years, a conversation prompted by the vision survey described in the blog in February.
Also over the past month I have talked with Allenna Leonard (ISSS President 2009-10) about the Viable System Model and also about developing online seminars about systems tools and VSM applications to not for profits.
Also in February Jennifer Wilby (ISSS President 2010-11) along with ISSS members Janet and Michael Singer stayed with me for four days as we represented ISSS at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington D.C.
Over the past few weeks I have been exploring Superorganisms with Peter Corning (ISSS President 1999-2000) in preparation for the ISSS 2019 conference. I have also been in email exchanges with Aleco Christakis (ISSS President 2002-03) and Mike Jackson (ISSS President 2001-02).
And last week I visited John Kineman (ISSS President 2015-16) in the mountains west of Boulder for an afternoon discussion on a wide range of topics.
And looking forward to next year Shankar Sankaran ( President-elect)  and I have been developing ways to ensure more continuity from one ISSS President to the next by having Skype conversations between us from the USA to Australia.
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Among several  cooperative Memorandum of Understandings held by ISSS is one with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) to co-develop understanding of systems sciences for systems engineering. Many of us participate in the Systems Science Working Group of INCOSE. In December last year I was asked by the Chair of the SSWG James Martin to give a talk on the Grand Vision for Systems Sciences at the recent INCOSE International Workshop in Torrance California. I have recorded a version of the presentation I gave for the web which can be viewed at  It runs for 30 minutes.

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I have spent the past four days with colleagues Jennifer WIlby, Janet and Michael Singer at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. It has been a fairly intense time, not only attending sessions, but talking with many different people from around the world in varieties of disciplines. AAAS is the largest science organization in the world, and there are representatives from every corner of the globe. The four days have been a great opportunity to also spend time with ISSS colleagues and develop our respective views of the systems perspective and how to spread the word about the unique contributions ISSS can make.
ISSS is an affiliate of AAAS. Learn more here
I have been pleasantly surprised to see how international, and global, are the themes, exhibits, presentations and participants of this meeting.Also two of the three major sponsors are the European Union and the United Kingdom Research and Innovation
A few perspectives in a short video
Next years AAAS annual meeting is in Seattle and we could now think about how we might have more of a presence at the 2020 meeting.