Posted on March 14, 2021 9:00 AM by Shankar Sankaran
Dear members of ISSS,
Using the.model of the Saturday SIG Conversations started at the US by Deeanna Burleson last year we tried to establish a similar conversations from Australia to have similar gatherings at a time zone more convenient ot people in the Southern Hemisphere. Since we did not have many ISSS members in this part of the world we invited members of ANZSys Group that was established in 1999 who had been having annual conferences in Australia and New Zealand until 2012. In 2009 ISSS and ANZSys organised a conference together when Ockie Bosch was our President.
We were nio sure of numbers so we organized fortnightly conversations following the same protocol as the Saturday SIG group in October last year. The conversations have been popular and we have and about 12 to 13 participants each week and recently we had 19. The participants so far hacve been from Australia, New Zealand, US, South Africa and India. We had speakers from SSIW (Jamie Rose) and India (Raghav Rajagopalan). The conversations are continuing this year and last week we had ISSS President Delia MacNamara engage in a very interesting conversation about Artificial Intelligence.
Please visit the ANZsys website of theANZSys group (which has several ISSS members) at for recordings of our conversations and calendar of future presentations. We are thankful to ISSS's outreach to enable small groups like ANZSys have more  conversations about systems science, thinking and practice. Join us at the conversations.  They are free. Please send me an email if you want to register your name for announcements
Shankar Sankaran
Past President ISSS
Posted on June 7, 2020 7:00 AM by Peter Tuddenham
Rob Young and I are building the Digital Library here for ISSS. You can see more under that Library menu tab.  One of the related tasks is to research and discover as much of the ISSS history as we can. One project from years ago is called the Primer Project. We are working to "restore" the web-based project to new servers.
In the course of this work I came across the image below showing four systemic domains.  This is also relevant to other ongoing work at ISSS to chart the course for the future of ISSS. In the Primer Project there is also reference to the Four Winds. Here is a capture of that page from the Primer Project.
four systemic domains