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Saturday January 22, 2022

The Nature of System Boundaries
Saturday, January 22nd, 2022, 7am to 9am at Zoom
Tyler Volk and George Mobus have had numerous discussions on the topic of system boundaries. Volk's book Metapatterns and Mobus' book (with Mike Kalton) Principles of Systems Science address the concept of boundary. There are, within the systems community, some mixed and often conflicting views about the nature of boundaries. Donella Meadows famously went so far as to say that they didn't really exist (Thinking in Systems)! Yet, living cells clearly possess a membrane and we humans are encased in skin on the outside and gastrointestinal lining on the inside (also lungs are membraned on the inside).
Volk and Mobus will each give a talk on their conceptualization of boundaries followed by a conversation between the two to look at the applications of these ideas with respect to many of the complex subjects we've been discussing. Q&A/Discussion to ensue thereafter.

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