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Saturday May 7, 2022

To Know the World: A New Vision for Environmental Learning
Saturday, May 7th, 2022, 7am to 9am at online
Abstract:  My approach to environmental learning emphasizes that the major challenges of our time—migration, race, inequity, climate justice and democracy ultimately connect to the biosphere. I explore the relationship between ecological and social networks, the ecological and cultural dimensions of migration, how electronic communication alters how we perceive the biosphere, how cosmopolitan bioregionalism is a path for understanding local/global and urban/rural dynamics, why improvisational excellence enhances adaptive learning, and how perceptual reciprocity expands our awareness of natural history and the biosphere.  
Short Bio:  Mitchell Thomashow is the author of four books—Ecological Identity, Bringing the Biosphere Home, The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, and To Know the World, all published by The MIT Press. He was Chair of the Antioch New England Environmental Studies Department from 1976-2006, the President of Unity College from 2006-2011, and served fellowships at Second Nature and Philanthropy Northwest. He lives in the hill country of southwest New Hampshire. Now that he works independently (mainly teaching and mentoring), he has time to pursue his passions and interests—playing guitar, piano, and keyboards; following professional basketball, observing the natural world, roaming the local landscape, reading, playing board games, and cultivating friendships.  

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