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Saturday November 26, 2022

Saturday: Open mic and brief papers
Saturday, November 26th, 2022, 10am at zoom
​Saturday 26 November: Open Mic  / Short Sessions (Members only)
So far we have-  See abstracts below
Doncho Petkov: A Brief Review of Links between Systems Thinking and Information Systems in the Last Fifteen Years
Manel Pretel-Wilson: What can philosophy contribute to systems thinking?  
Peter Corning (to be confirmed):  Synergistic Selection: A New Theory of Evolution;  Cooperative Effects of Various Kinds Have Shaped the Course of Life on Earth;  The Modern Synthesis (Neo-Darwinism) Wrongly Emphasizes Competition
A Brief Review of Links between Systems Thinking and Information Systems in the Last Fifteen Years
Doncho Petkov                                                           
Olga Petkova,
Historically, the relationship between Systems Thinking and Information Systems(IS) may have had some promise in the early days of IS in the 1980s but that dwindled by the start of the 21st century. Some prominent IS scholars like Allen lee and Steven Alter and later Manuel Mora  and others tried to revive that relationship at the time. A new journal on Information Technology and the systems approach, IJITSA, was started in 2008 by IGI Global. One of the papers in its inaugural issue was primarily developed by the first coauthor of this presentation. This talk outlines briefly the current status of the inclusion of systems thinking in the official published IS curriculum guidelines for undergraduate and masters’ programs at universities. We explore then the characteristics of papers appearing between 2008 and 2022 that are related to systems thinking and information systems or software engineering according to library databases and Google Scholar and then  we consider the features of the papers published by IJITSA in the same interval. The conclusion is that the goal of increasing the impact of systems thinking on information systems and information technology implementation is far from being achieved. However, we might be reminded of Churchman's statement that the systems approach needs to be practiced "in a heroic mode" and that is the challenge for the next generation of IS scholars and practitioners.
Title: What can Philosophy Contribute to Systems Thinking?
Manel Pretel-Wilson:
Abstract: GST and the Unity of Science seem to be the pursuit of one and the same project but so far we have not seen a general theory of systems resembling what physics aims at
with a theory of everything. But maybe we “don’t [have to] throw the baby out with the bathwater” and give up on the whole project. In this session, the speaker is going to argue that the solution does not lay in claiming a “new realm of science” constituted by general principles that apply to all systems but in acknowledging that that problem, the Unity of Science, belongs to the domain of Philosophy and thus it can only be solved by its own findings in the form of a new world-hypothesis which is what it can contribute to systems thinking. In fact, a new world-hypothesis is required for the future unification of knowledge as today it is hampered by the fact that there are two new domains of science awaiting unification despite having laid down their scientific groundwork 70 years ago.

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