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Wednesday March 1, 2023

This Wednesday: Open Mic with Shann Turnbull and Bruce McNaughton
Wednesday, March 1st, 2023, 3pm
Session 1: 30 minutes Panel discussion on the work of Shann Turnbull. Gary Smith and Roelien Goede will ask Shann questions on his work: Establishing the Science, Architecture, Practices and Art of Self-governance: Based on Biomimicry.  
 Session 2: 30 minutes “A Systems and Cybernetics View of a Living Social System, from a Practitioner Perspective”. This short talk introduces the Living Social System concept Fritjof Capra introduces in his book, “The Systems View of Life”.  This has influenced my ability to describe how teams and organizations work as living systems.  I will use a systems approach to describe the structure, behaviour and properties of these types of systems.  I will share how the model can be used to see / experience living social systems.   LINK:    [See message below time table if link is not working]   As the schedule develops check        Wednesday time zones for 1 March:   San Francisco: 12  Noon on a Wednesday New York:           3  PM on a Wednesday London, UK        8  PM on a Wednesday Berlin:                 9 PM on a Wednesday Cyprus:              10 PM on a Wednesday South Africa       10 PM on a Wednesday Sydney Aus         7 AM Thursday   In case of the link not working: Sometimes the security settings on your browser prevents you from following these links. Try copying the link into your browser's search bar, or go to, Select the MEMBERS menu and select the Mini-Symposia (Not the Public one). You will still need to log in but you will get to the zoom link. Else send me an email at the start of the session to and I will send you the zoom link if you are a paid up member. Roelien Goede
PS. Please assist to promote the upcoming conference: Registration closes 15 March

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