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Saturday March 18, 2023

This Saturday: Daniel Edds Systemic Leadership and How High-Impact Organizations Create Transformative Cultures that Deliver Extraordinary Customer Value
Saturday, March 18th, 2023, 10am at Zoom
The Gallup organization has calculated that the lack of employee engagement worldwide costs employers $7 Trillion annually. Or nearly the combined economies of Germany and Japan. In the U.S., 67% of all employees are either nonengaged or actively sabotaging their employers. Worldwide, this number is 87%. While the economic cost of this disengagement is extraordinary, its impact on human flourishing through meaningful work is staggering.    In contrast, high-impact organizations reverse these numbers and 1) create a transformative workplace experience for employees and 2) deliver extraordinary customer value. This presentation will demonstrate that these high-impact organizations approach the practice of leadership systemically, frequently without understanding the value of systems thinking. In doing so, they abandon the traditional approach to leadership as the action of an individual exerting personal influence downward into the lower reaches of the organization (Uhl-Bien et al., 2007). In its place, they design a value-creating leadership system. The result is that they can harness the power of a system to create a sustainable leadership culture and transformative organizations.    A case study: Virginia Mason Medical Center, frequently recognized as one of the safest hospitals in America. 
Daniel B Edds, MBA is the author of, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance. This is the first book that documents through case studies and interviews with key leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, education, small business, and the U.S. Military on how to build high-impact organizations with systems design and thinking. Beginning with a systemic approach to leadership, these unique organizations are generating value greater than their size would indicate is possible. By removing personality from leadership and replacing it with an integrated leadership system, organizations of any size can transform their workplace and deliver unparalleled customer value.    Saturday time zones for March
San Francisco:    7 AM on a Saturday
Mexico:              9 AM on a Saturday
New York:          10  AM on a Saturday
London, UK:        2  PM on a Saturday
Central Europe:   3  PM on a Saturday
South Africa:       4  PM on  a Saturday

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