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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Discuss Action Groups
Location: Zoom
Time: 10am to 12pm
How can ISSS better communicate our insights to a world in need? - An initial Open Mic discussion on starting an ISSS “ActionGroup” hosted by Jessie Henshaw and followed by a workshop organized by Gary Smith and Jen Makar – please join – Bring your ideas of the needs of the world, opportunities to serve, and good examples to follow.

Seeing a bounty of insight into our changing world during the July conference, George suggested we do more to share our insights. The following workshop will be an organizational meeting. The initial Open Mic will follow a “studio model” with people presenting ideas to work on for feedback and support.
Things to also think about:
(1) Abilities: What are we best and uniquely equipped to do?
(2) Opportunities: Where are the needs on which we might have influence?
(3) Language: How do we get ideas across simply enough for real discussion?
(4) Marketing: How would we polish and shape our work for distribution?
(5) Organization: Would we work altogether or have smaller teams periodically presenting their work for support?

If you have written input, add it to the chat or send an email with the subject [ActionGroup] to Jessie, Jen & Gary. Review the work samples and send Jessie files to share on the directory is https://synapse9/agroup/