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Saturday, January 15, 2022

What do you mean by "System"?
Location: zoom
Time: 7am to 9am
Every one of us uses the word "system" with great facile. OK, what is your definition of a system? And how do you justify that particular definition?
In discussions with a number of members of ISSS I have begun to realize that some of us use this term in ways that may not actually be mutually agreed. It appears that there are a number of different conceptualizations in our community as to what the term actually means. In this open-mic session lets explore this. What do you think the word system means. And why do you think you have the best definition of the word? If we are ever going to be an influential society, don't you think we need to have agreement on the meaning of system? Or is it OK to have multiple meanings? Where do you stand on this question?