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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Location: Zoom
Time: 10am
The Zoom link will be posted in the members mini-symposia section
Title: Natural Language as Systems Language
Speaker: Jessie Henshaw
Abstract: Human languages of all kinds seem to integrate our successful cultures, somehow arranging our accumulation of life experiences, though words, their meanings, and usage are quite unscientific. So, it raises the question, “How do we seem to know what we do?” We all marvel at the many people who are highly skilled in relating to complex life circumstances, matters that science does not even study; what’s the secret?
The secret seems to be that language is an organic variety of systems science, able to be successful with natural world subjects because it collects and builds on our insights into how natural systems work, which are, like humans, observed and live out their life cycles in context. But on the other hand, the success of the familiar sciences has been the powerful use and study of conceptual systems abstracted from nature and studied out of context. The talk will introduce some features of natural language that seem might make it legitimate in-context science.
If you missed the first session on Sept 3, you are invited to watch the recording to listen to the overall plan for the year.
Starting time of the Saturday session:
San Francisco 07:00
New York 10:00
London 15:00
Berlin 16:00
South Africa 16:00
Mumbai, India 19:30
Beijing, China 22:00
Sydney, Australia 24:00 (In October we will move to the  Wednesday/Thursday slot for a month)