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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Saturday: Ian Glendinning : a "State of the Systems Nation" 
Location: Zoom
Time: 4pm
Ian Glendinning : a "State of the Systems Nation
Saturday 19November (members only)
Link at
View from a long-term systems practitioner and thinker who is new to ISSS idea of Systems as Science.
Systems Thinking is a given - a fundamental consideration for the ongoing evolution of Life, the Universe and Everything.
Deflationary "meta-language" to talk about all of that and whilst accepting details of different applied domains for systems of different kinds.
Focus on applying this to better understanding of humanity and good human decision-making about our futures.
Ensure high-level understanding of this common ground is inherited by all "state of the art" systems domains.
The devil may be in the details, but the angels are in the abstractions.
Ian's Background in systems:
Ian Glendinning
My "Systems" Bio:
1970's to 1990's - Aeronautical & Process Plants Engineer
Physical Systems - Fluid, Pressure, Energy, Process & Control
Human Systems - People, Organisation, Process, Methods, Procedures
In an industrial context from functional need to maintenance and upgrade of operating assets and organisations.
1988-1991 - MBA - (Human) Cultural Aspects of Change in Organisations.
1990's to 2010's - ICT Systems Engineer - Architect and Implementation
Focus on Information & Semantics, NOT the technology - Industrial ISO Standards on Ontologies and Libraries - Generic "System Engineering (Meta)-Language".
For Industrial Engineering customers, and for Software developers and Service providers.
2010 - 2022 independent Information Management Architecture Consultant.
Most recently in UK Nuclear projects - "Systems Thinking" as a response to complexity.
And eg in CDBB (Centre for Digital Built Britain) - exploiting ISO Systems Language Standardisation.
2000 to Today.
Large-scale human decision-making "going wrong".
Epistemological "Research" (mainly blogging) "What, Why and How do we Know?" under a "Cybernetics" umbrella.
True/original cybernetics ie from 1946 Macy Conferences onwards - post-war organisation of human society as a whole,
with engineered "homeostatic control" systems (ie "first cybernetics") as ONLY a small subset.
Increasingly Metaphysical - Ontology and Epistemology involves "more than" the 4D physical world.
"Engagement" with "smart" systems thinkers
* with INCOSE (since 2007 Russia via Agroskin and Levenchuk and 2018 in UK Nuclear)
* with Hull CSS (2021 via Bogdanov and Mike Jackson),
* with AII (Active Inference Institute since 2021, via Friston, Solms and Levenchuk)
* with EEMI (Russian INCOSE / Management School, via Levenchuk)
* with ISSS (2022 via Dennis Finlayson)
​Saturday 26 November: Open Mic  / Short Sessions (Members only)
So far we have:
Doncho Petkov: A Brief Review of Links between Systems Thinking and Information Systems in the Last Fifteen Years
Peter Corning:  Synergistic Selection: A New Theory of Evolution;  Cooperative Effects of Various Kinds Have Shaped the Course of Life on Earth;  The Modern Synthesis (Neo-Darwinism) Wrongly Emphasizes Competition
Manel Pretel-Wilson: What can philosophy contribute to systems thinking?  
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