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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Nick Argall: 'Variety Comparison Grid' to evaluate tools for approaching a problem
Location: Link:
Time: 10am to 11:30am

On Saturday 13 May Nick Argall will demonstrate the use of his 'Variety Comparison Grid' to evaluate tools for approaching a problem. (This grid is one of the tools offered by his 'Organization Engineering' approach).  For this demonstration, the problem will be "How can we best explain the differences and commonalities between different systems, given that we will treat each of the sciences as a system to be studied?"
The presentation will open with a description of the intended use of the variety comparison grid, and a brief description of the relevant cybernetic theory (requisite variety).
The tools to be evaluated will be:
- An invitation to a meeting about Systems Sciences
- The Critical Systems Heuristics questions (as presented by Roelien Goede on the 6th of May)
- The System of Systems Methodologies
- Critical Systems Thinking
- Variety Comparison Grid
- Organization Engineering
- Other tools nominated by attendees to the session (time permitting)
There will be a short presentation of the aims of the Organization Engineering initiative at the end of the presentation, and a brief description of the underlying theories and testing performed so far.  Attendees will be invited to extend the presented grid to include other alternatives (beyond those listed above) and/or to put forward questions and opinions, as per the session conducted by Roelien on the 6th.

Nick Argall is a business coach whose obsession with cybernetics began in 2012 with the question "Why do good methodologies produce bad results so often?" He has worked as a software developer, R&D manager, presales architect, market researcher, game designer, and student clinician.
San Francisco:    7 AM on Saturday 13th
New York:          10  AM on Saturday 13th 
London, UK:       3 PM on Saturday 13th 
Central Europe:  4  PM on Saturday 13th 
South Africa:      4  PM on Saturday 13th 
Sydney:             Midnight on Saturday / Sunday