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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Saturday: Len Troncale on Systems Process Theory
Location: Zoom
Time: 10am
Saturday 12 November (members only) NOTE TIME CHANGE DUE TO DST!
Len Troncale closes our theme on Systems Concepts with notes on his work
SPT will be the subject of several papers and evening workshops in South Africa’s ISSS conference. Only ten slides are allowed for this presentation/2 per section to encourage discussion/questions. An overview of SPT which will soon be an online course using Len Troncale’s You Tube channel and 112 Kindle-Published online Pamphlets/Monographs on SPT & Systems Pathology (enabled by partnership with Peter Tuddenham). In this talk, we will see (1) overview slides of the two components of SPT Isomorphies/Principal Systems Mechanisms (I/PSM’s); (2) Overview hierarchical Listings of the 50 or so main Principal Systems Mechanisms under study and reprint collections;  (2) 35 Information Packets needed to apply each of the I/PSMs, (3)  the two tests of concept of GST in SPT, (4) Twenty Spin-Offs already known for SPT. (5) Special attention to Spin-Off Systems Pathology and our listing of Complex, Hybrid Systems Problems and reprints that are potentials for application of 50 or more I/PSM’s and how to apply them, as well as reference to the pertinent Websites for each of the above. We will pay special attention to- as well as pre-schedule- joint meetings with the new math SIG of James Rose and the ISSP Conference within the ISSS.
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