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Saturday, December 3, 2022

This Saturday :Bringing Chaos in From the Cold.
Location: Zoom
Time: 10am
Before we move to Wednesdays from next week, we have one last Saturday Session on 3 December
Title     Bringing Chaos in From the Cold.
Speaker: P A Cook
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The laws of chaos have been with us for decades, but they are the least understood part of science. This is a pity because they show up in physical systems,chemical systems and biological systems, so they must be part of any link. Chaos is not emergent, and it is as fundamental to the functioning of the universe as quantum mechanics and classical mechanics.
Six years ago the mathematical link between chaos and physics was found and it has provided a periodic repeating pattern which sits at the base of all natural systems. 
Here is a prediction from Brian Cox which has now been fulfilled.
"There is a mystery at the heart of science, for which as yet we have no explanation, that is this universe is simple. Underlying all the astonishing complexity appears to be a magnificent simplicity and no where is that more obvious then in the construction of the elements." 
The simplicity can now be revealed in particle physics, astronomy, genetics, biology, music, arithmetic, geometry and all other fields of science.
Human understanding of nature can now be rebuilt upon common foundations which show that all university departments are indeed studying the same matter. 
P A writes the following Bio about himself:
Thirty years ago I was working on the problem of turbulence inside engines and was shocked to find that turbulence is not explained by any physics. An insects wing is not an aerofoil, it is completely flat, so it cannot fly according to the laws of physics.
I began to realise that we were looking at the parts of science in a monotheistic Western manner, so I went to live in Asia to learn to think in paradoxes. Here I met Professor Gideon Lowy who helped to build a sensible description of nature. If history is any guide there is always a sensible answer to problems, and our biggest enemy in getting to truth is the way our brains work. Half the brain seeks tradition culture and norms, no matter how illogical they are.
Kind regards P A Cook 
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Roelien Goede