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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wednesday Yiannis Laouris
Location: Zoom
Time: 3pm
Wednesday 7 December: Yiannis Laouris is our speaker after a 15 mins Conference Information Session
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The session starts with a 15 minutes information session on the conference registration process. This is followed by  a talk by Yiannis Laouris
Dialogic Design Science: A powerful sense-making and action-taking tool 
Yiannis Laouris
Future Worlds Center
The exponentially increasing rate of change in all processes around us, combined with the rapidly growing complexity of sociotechnical problems, makes the need for the effective management of large-scale systems an acute emergency. We argue that, in the foreseeable future, neither crowdsourcing (i.e., distributed, parallel processing) or direct democracy nor research that aims to help us humans manage or significantly increase our biological intellectual capacity will allow any single human to tackle alone the complex challenges faced today. Furthermore, we lack sufficient scientifically or empirically validated tools or methodologies to assist large groups of individuals in utilizing their collective intelligence and wisdom. To make sense of and manage the complexity of our world, we rely enormously on computers. Computers can collect, analyze and present data in forms that help us make sense of the world. However, as the singularity is approaching, we ought to accentuate the difference between intelligence and wisdom, between a solution that is optimal and a solution that serves us to sustain whatever makes us humans. In this presentation, the author will exemplify why and how the science of dialogic design and its co-laboratories of democracy process can be utilized to engage diverse stakeholders (i.e., people from all walks of life) in authentic, highly democratic dialogues. The most outstanding contribution of this branch of systems science is that the transition from the cognitive part (making sense and envisioning solutions) to taking action happens automatically. Participants are always willing to assume some kind of responsibility and take action. 
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