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Tribute to Enrique Herrscher
Posted on Jan 18th, 2020

Dear Colleagues of Systems Science,

Prof. Enrique Herrscher passed away peacefully at his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 30 December 2019, ten days after celebrating his 90th birthday on 20 December.  Enrique Herrscher was an ad vitam honorary Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and a visiting professor at several other Argentine universities. He was the 49th President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) from 2004 to 2005 as well as the adjunct chair of the Special Integration Group on Systems Applications to Business and Industry (SABI) for numerous years.  In 1966, Herrscher was the Argentine representative at the 9th World Accounting Congress in Paris, France.
He was a founding member and former Vice President of the Latin American Association of Systemics (ALAS).  Herrscher authored 10 books and over 100 papers.  In 1986 he was appointed as Fulbright fellow-in-residence at California State University, in Sacramento, CA.

2002, Accounting and Management – A Systemic Approach to Action-Oriented Information, Macchi, 216 pages.
2003, Systemic Thinking – Walking the Road of Change or Changing the Road, Granica, 270 pages.
2005, Systemic Planning - a Strategic approach to managing under uncertainty, Ed Macchi.

~ Alexander Laszlo
Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. | President
Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science :: BCSSS
Vienna, Austria
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