ISSS 2020 Call for papers
Posted on May 13th, 2020

Dear Members
We had our first Mini Board Meeting this morning.
We decided that:
1. We will go ahead with the Call for Papers for ISSS 2020 with a new due date to be nominated by Roelien Goede, VP Research and Publishing. Roelien, Rika, Jennifer Makkar and I will manage the paper submission, review and publication process until these are published in the ISSS journal.
2. SIG Chairs  will be requested to  separately nominate papers that they select from the papers submitted to their SIGs to be submitted to a Special Issue to be set up in the  journal Systems (by Guest Editors Javier Calvo-Amodio and David Rousseau).
3. We  also plan invite doctoral students to submit papers so that we can evaluate them for student prizes for the three awards given at our meetings. We are sourcing funding for these prizes.
4. Keynote speakers will be requested to submit short papers based on the topics they wanted to address at the ISSS 2020 meeting which will be considered for inclusion in the Systems Research and Behavioral Sciences as our yearbook.
5. A small task force will be organized to renew our MOU with INCOSE. Details to follow.
Although the conference had to be canceled this year due to circumstances beyond our control we plan to complete these activities normally associated with our meetings.. We will also be discussing the possibility of a virtual event later this year that will be managed by Peter Tuddenham and Delia Macnamara. More details to follow after a decision is made.

Warm regards

Shankar, Rika, Roelien and Jennifer Makkar
On behalf of the ISSS 2020 Conference
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