ISSS Mini Board Meeting 2
Posted on May 19th, 2020

Dear members
Some thoughful excerpts from the mini board meeting that you would like to reflect on.
Rika Preiser spoke of the webinar series being hosted by the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition. She suggested an interesting exercise may be for various ISSS SIGs to discuss their insights/learnings about the pandemic from their systems perspective. She commented that ISSS is a unique convening space for a diversity of approaches to systems science and practice, and as such would have an array of perspectives on the pandemic, and on other global challenges. Roelien added that a benefit of this approach would be that ISSS members can show how they come from different perspectives to address an issue.
Jennifer Makkar raised questions about what ISSS can contribute to this subject, who ISSS represents when answering this or any other call for response to global issues, what products/services ISSS can offer, how ISSS can be structured to meet those needs, and what aspects of being a learning forum and developer of systems products/services could keep ISSS financially viable.
Rika offered a perspective of ISSS as a learning community, a space for systems-interested people to learn and share from each other. The questions to be addressed include what emphasis on inwardness versus outward focus can keep the organization alive, and keep its members creative and nourished.
Take care
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