Highlights from mini board meeting held May26/27
Posted on Jun 11th, 2020

The meeting on May 26/27 focused on the future of ISSS 
 President Elect Delia MacNamara wants to develop a robust digital strategy for ISSS building upon the work being already done for the last few years. Much has been achievedthis year through the archiving efforts of a small team of members to lcreate valuiable archives at the myISSS website.
Gary Smith  reported that in his role on the board he has been asking two questions to guide his work to invigorate ISSS's mission - What is ISSS's service to human society? What is the human society in service to? Gary Smith requested all board members to contribute to the report that he is developing to be presented at the AGM on the future of ISSS
Deeanna Burleson who was invited to  attend the meeting reported on the successful SIG sessions that have been held over the year. She also spoke about the systems speaker series she is running aside from the Saturday SIG sessions. Between 22-25 members have been attending the Saturday SIG sessions. The board thanked Deeanna, John Vodonick and James Rose for ther efforts to keep the sessiosn going.
Javier Calvo who was also invited to the meeting spoke of the importance of having more students join and support the activities of ISSS
The society will need to find a Treasurer to look after its financial affairs which Jennifer Makkar is handling temporarily
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