Highlights from the mini Board meeting may 30/Jun1
Posted on Jun 11th, 2020

Peter Tuddenham recommended that ISSS invest in  a communication software (like Blue Jeans or Zoom) to be able to hold meetings using an ISSS account.  Recently meetings have been held using accounts held by members but this may be difficult to sustain if these members are not part of the board or other responsibilities.
Delia MacNamara felt that there is a positive move towards developing a digital strategy for ISSS. Gary Smith reminded that we should clearly identify key aspects of this strategy to plan it well. A working group comprising of Gary Smith, Jennifer Makar, Delia MacNamara and Peter Tuddenham wil prpeare a proposal for setting up a digital platform that can support a future strategy.
Member of the board pointed out that other aspects of digital technology like social media, effective use fo the new website should also be considered. it was suggested that a technology or web. committee should be set up  to implement and sustain a digital strategy.
The board will also look at a new university partner for ISSS activities recommended by Michael Jackson
The plans for an online AGM to be held at the end of the term of the current board is being planned by Shankar Sankaran, Peter Tuddenham and Jennifer Makar. This is likely to be in late July/early August following the election of new members to the board.
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