2021-2022 New 'season' of the Sat/Wed mini-symposia
Posted on Sep 9th, 2021

Greetings ISSS Members
I am so excited to alert you to the new 'season' of the Sat/Wed mini-symposia. Two years ago, our past president Peter Tuddenham started offering a Saturday morning on-line session to review the status of the various SIGs supported by the ISSS. He invited the SIG chairs to present their purposes and works so that all of the members of the ISSS could get to understand what our society was doing and accomplishing. After all of the SIGs were reviewed, the Saturday morning sessions continued with presentations by members of their works and ideas. This proved quite popular and drew more and more participants each week. Gradually these sessions morphed into mini-symposia. We invited people who were not members to present their work demonstrating systems thinking that showed us that the systems perspective was more broadly appreciated than we might have imagined. 
This year we are initiating a more intentional approach to sharing systems thinking and systems literacy by continuing these mini-symposia with presentations by a number of researchers and practitioners who have not been directly involved with the ISSS but who show, through their transdisciplinary work, that they are practicing systems science and systems thinking that the need for a broader and deeper grasp of systems thinking by society is essential for progress toward a sustainable, viable future for humanity is necessary. 
We are launching the 2021-22 year with a series of mini-symposia aimed at broadening and deepening our shared understanding of what is possible in the world of systems thinking and doing. These will be held on-line starting September 4th with a talk by Charles Hall, a graduate student of our beloved 1991 president, Howard T. Odum regarding an update of the 50th anniversary of the Limits to Growth model and the role of energy in the development of our technological civilization.
We are lining up many more speakers who will provide us with expanded concepts of what the whole Earth system is about and insights as to how it may evolve in the future.
But we also want you, the members, to give voice to your views. You can. of course, provide commentary during the Sat/Wed sessions. But we want to encourage you to be presenters as well. If you have ideas to share, if you have research findings to share, we want you to let us know and we will schedule you to be presenters too. The society wants to hear all viewpoints and all perspectives that can then result in fruitful discussions. Our world is in trouble because systems thinking has been absent. Bring your ideas to our mini-symposia and let us think together, talk together, and consider solutions together. Please let me know if you have a presentation you wish to share with the rest of the membership and I will work with you to present it to the society.
You can see the recording of the presentation here
And if you are a member and want to watch the questions and answer sessions then log in here.
George Mobus
ISSS President 2021-2022
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