The Handbook of Systems Thinking
Posted on Mar 6th, 2024

Free handbook on systems thinking
A new, free resource is now available online: The Handbook of Systems Thinking. This has been co-edited by Derek Cabrera (Cornell University, USA), Laura Cabrera (Cornell University, USA) and Gerald Midgley (Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull). Forty-four chapters present a diversity of systems approaches and methodologies, each illustrated with case studies of real-world application. This is a landmark publication, as most handbooks cost over £100 and are aimed at university libraries. They are mostly unaffordable by individual practitioners, students and academics. By publishing with OpenScience, the editors have been able to make The Handbook of Systems Thinking available free of charge. Also, each of the chapters have been simultaneously published in a special issue of the Journal of Systems Thinking, so there are two ways in which potential readers can find the materials. The Handbook can be accessed here: Publications – The Handbook of Systems Thinking – ScienceOpen. We invite you to download the chapters that interest you.
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