American Society for Cybernetics 60th Year Meeting.
Posted on Mar 18th, 2024

Registration for the 60th anniversary meeting has opened. From now on you can register for the conference.

There is more good news. In the last Executive Board meeting, we decided to create a scholarship scheme for the 60th anniversary meeting in June. As we needed to give applicants some time to submit a proposal, we decided on another general abstract extension. We are thus pleased to announce that the new deadline for the submissions of abstracts in both the regular submissions and the scholarship scheme has been extended to Monday, April 1, 2024. Saying this, we also want to highlight that proposals submitted before March 17 will be sent for review next week. We will keep to the original timeline for these earlier submissions.

There is a new menu item on the website for scholarship applications.

Our aim is to sponsor the attendance of at least one individual, offering a conference fee waiver and travel support for the 60th anniversary meeting. Additional partial scholarships may be made available, depending on the support of the community, via donations to the scholarship scheme.


We are grateful to individuals and organisations who have indicated their willingness to support the scholarship scheme for the ASC's 60th anniversary meeting. If you want to contribute to this scheme, please go to the donations menu on the website. Every dollar donated to this scheme will be used in support of the scholarship scheme.

If you've submitted a proposal for the conference via the alternative pathway by March 17, you should anticipate hearing back from us by March 31, 2024. For submissions made after March 17 but no later than April 1, you can expect a response by April 15.

For those who submitted an abstract through the academic pathway prior to March 17, feedback from peer reviewers will be sent via formal email by April 10, 2024. Submissions made after March 17 but by April 1 will receive feedback no later than April 25.


Please refer to the ASC 60 brochure for detailed instructions on abstract submissions. The author's guidelines are on pages 14 and onward: 

You will need to create an account on our submission platform before you submit a proposal. The direct link to the account registration age is:

We look forward to your proposals taking the overarching theme of the ASC's 60th Anniversary Meeting' living cybernetics | playing language' into account and addressing at least one of the three entangled thematic strands:

languaging in/for action, 
archiving archiving and 
reimagining technicity. 
The theme of this year's conference 'living cybernetics | playing language' suggests that cybernetic languaging, in all forms and media, shares a logic that is informed by understandings of processes of living as they exist and may exist. Playing is a means to reach out into possible futures, to initiate the not-yet-existent. In homage to past experiments in conversational framings of ASC conferences, the ASC's 60th Anniversary Meeting will engage in situational enactments of cybernetics at four locations in Washington, DC, ranging from an arts center to the zoo. The four locations (two indoor / two outdoor are within a short walking distance from each other. Below is a rough overview of the schedule.

A schedule overview

Saturday, June 15
The ASC's 60th anniversary meeting will begin at the Friends Meeting of Washington at Decatur Place. The Assembly Room and the adjacent terrace and garden offer opportunities for a variety of session formats, including a conference dinner session in the evening. (The dinner is included in the registration fee.)

Sunday, June 16
The day will begin with various sessions in the zoo, weather permitting. The DC Arts Center's theater will serve as a second venue and as a backup in case of rain in the morning. Sessions in the afternoon will take place at the Friends Meeting. The walking distance between the two locations is 17 minutes. You can expect the journey between the two locations to be a cybernetic one. 

Monday, June 17
On Monday, sessions will take place at the Friends Meeting and the DC Arts Center's theater. Weather permitting, some sessions might be held outdoors in the zoo and Rock Creek Park.

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 18–19
Tuesday and Wednesday are our workshop days. Workshops will take place at the DC Arts Center, and weather permitting, they could also be held outdoors.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

With warm regards,
The Organizing Committee for the 60th anniversary meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics
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