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Below  are some recent presentations. Following presentations there is a question and answer period and general conversation. Shown here are just the presentations.  Members have access to the full presentation and the question and answer session following the presentation by logging in to this website.
In July 2021 ISSS Annual Conference was all online. Some of the keynotes and other presentations can be viewed here Online 2021 Public (

Saturday 2 October 2021
Natural Growth as a Concept and as a Natural Process from Jesse Henshaw

Saturday 4 September 2021
Professor Emeritus Charles A. S. Hall, State University of New York, Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse NY 
Limits to Growth at 50 Years: Brief History and Present Implications


See The System - Kerry Turner - 1 May and 3 May 2021.
Developing an Integrative Framework for System Science - Gary Smith -27 February and 1 March 2021.
An Assault on Situational Complexity: Alexander Christakis and Maria Kakoulaki" presented on 16 January 2021.
Time for Ethical Systems and Third Order Cybernetics - Mick Ashby 6 February 2021. This is the presentation only. The question and answer session and extenisve chat log that followed for two hours is available for members on this page