Social Activities

Systems World Pub & General Systems Cafe - 3 Fridays (Europe, Americas) /Saturdays (Asia Australia NZ) only - 4, 11, 18 December 2020
We are using the new zoom breakout feature that allows you to CHOOSE which breakout to go to. You can go between rooms at any time. Chat is only for the room you are in. You need the latest version of zoom. To got to a breakout room click on the icon you will see this at the bottom of your screen:
zoom breakout room graphic
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the format? The pub and cafe is a place for social conversation, exchanging ideas and getting to meet and know people in a relaxed setting. These three "events" on the next three Fridays are social, with no specific format implied, suggested or imposed. Imagine going to a pub for a drink, or a coffee cafe and seeing people you know, or perhaps don't know, and just joining a conversation. Stay for as long or little as you want. Move around if you wish.
2. What room should I join? Up to you to choose. I have suggested room names and suggested topics. See the list lower in the page. If there is a name there then that person suggested the room or wished to host a conversation or suggested the room name. If we don't have enough registrations for 3-5 people in a room I will not open some rooms.
3. Can I have a room? If you want to host / attract a conversation send me a name for the room and a sentence about the proposed conversation if it does not fit in a room already named.
4. Who is organizing this? I am for FUN. And also to PLAY with the new zoom breakout room select your room feature ( no assigning of rooms by the host) and LEARN more about self selected conversations in zoom. i have not done anything like this before so it is partly an experiment.
5. Can you use  meeting organizing ideas like Pecha Kucha or Roundtable? Its a social event. I personally would not go to an informal social event and expect to be organized as a meeting. Now perhaps a Systems Trivia Game Room might be an idea if someone wants to organize that. Let me know. Or some other game.
6. Will it be recorded? No. Nothing will be recorded, No recording allowed.
7. How will the conversation be moderated? It will not. you join a conversation as an adult to listen and contribute. This is not a lecture or presentation. Act and talk like you would in a Pub or Cafe. You MUST bring a drink.
8. How many can join? Overall the Zoom License is for 100. We recommend that each room/conversation is for 5 people or so. Its upto you.
8. Ii will close after 2 hours.
If you have not registered you need to 
Register in advance for the pub and cafe conversations: 
You need the latest software version of zoom. please update.
Space or room names and suggested focus for the conversation
Main Session
Log in, Landing place, technical help, 
1. The Library
Conversation about the history of ISSS and resources on the website, the primer project etc.
2. Theory Bar
Conversation about systems theory
3. Application Garden
Conversation about application of systems approaches
4. Method Nook
Conversation about different systems methodologies
5. Science Studio
Conversation about systems science
6. Ontology Thingy Table
Conversation about organizing language about systems thingys
7. Thinking Corner
Conversation about systems thinking, what is it?
8. Sensing Lounge
Alexander’s suggested space for exploring sensing
9. La Sala Española
conversación en español
10. Play Room
For the kid in you..Play with zoom filters and other features.
Start Times  - I will close it after 2 hours.
10am Friday Hawaii
12 noon Friday West Coast USA
3 pm  Friday  East Coast USA
3 pm Friday Lima Peru
3 pm Friday Bogota Colombia
5 pm Friday Rio De Janeiro Brazil
5 pm Friday Buenos Aires Argentina
5 pm Friday Santiago Chile
8pm   Friday UK
8 pm Friday Ghana
9 pm Friday Europe
10 pm Friday Greece and Cyprus
10 pm Friday South Africa
11 pm Friday  Moscow
2 am  Saturday Hong Kong
3  am Saturday Western Australia
6 .30 am Adelaide Australia
7 am Saturday Eastern Australia
9  am Saturday New Zealand