Website Team

29 July 2022
For the year July 2022-July 2023 The website strategy, management and actions are being coordinated by an ISSS web committee created by ISSS President Roelien Goede as part of her plan for ISSS for the year. Setting up committees to support the President for the year is described in the by laws. 
The committee is:
Roelien Goede President 2022-2023
Michele Friend President Elect
Jen Makar VP Admin
Haider Al-Shareefy VP PR and Memberships
Daniel Ari Friedman VP Education 
Peter Tuddenham, Web Admin, Past President ISSS 2018-2019
We will be using the ISSS Message board for communications. 
I also suggested we consider using the Viable System Model as a help in design, development, management and operation of the ISSS web presence.
More on the VSM on the Metaphorum Website