2024 Washington DC

This year's conference will be held at Open Gov Hub in Washington DC June 9-13 
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Please see below for accommodation information. 
Are you looking for a roommate? If so, please email Yuwei Zhou at.    yuwei_zhou@gwmail.gwu.edu
Yuwei will collect names and other information to connect attendees to find affordable accommodations. 
Conference Fees 
Full in person conference pass $500.00 USD
One day in person $175.00USD
Two day in person $350.00
Online conference pass $100.00
Call for Papers Here 
Please check back regularly for updates to the conference programme.
The International Society for Systems Sciences Annual Conference
Dates: 9 – 13 June 2024 
Place: Washington D.C. Open Gov Hub and online
This is a hybrid conference, therefore, one can attend or present in person and/or online. 
The conference will be followed by a one-day workshop on the 14th June on Cybernetics and Governance. This will be followed, 15 – 19 June, by the American Society for Cybernetics Meeting, and. 15 – 18 June, by the Archetypes conference... All in Washington D.C.
The theme for the conference is influence and responsibility. We all have our spheres of influence. As systems scientists we have a responsibility to let others know about the work we do. The world is a troubled place, and organisations are trying to navigate in a complex context. Successful navigation partly depends on having good conceptual tools that are suited to meet the challenges. Institutions and organisations have the responsibility to be as well informed as possible about systems science, cybernetics and complexity theory at the very least. As a species, we cannot afford to make too many more mistakes. 
If you wish to make a presentation at the conference or hold a workshop, you must submit an abstract first. Not a full paper until the abstract is accepted.
There is a template for abstracts, download through THIS LINK. Abstracts not using this format will be returned for editing by you.
Submit Abstract Here 
Once your abstract is accepted you will be invited to submit a full paper.
Full papers are optional, however they must also follow the Conference Paper Template guidelines, which can be DOWNLOADED HERE.  Papers not in template style will be sent back for revision.
Optional Conference Activities 
Attendees are encouraged to connect and explore DC together, or, work on emergent collaborative projects of their choosing in the conference space.
Tuesday 11 June morning (during the annual meeting): Walking tour of Washington D.C. historical landmarks.
Tuesday afternoon is a free afternoon (no conference presentations).
Please email Jennifer Makar at admin@isss.org with any suggestions for group activities.
Proposed organized activities include: 
Tour of University of the District of Columbia urban gardens, and food distribution – be prepared to help manually. Fee: two metro tickets.
Walk in Rock Creek Park. Fee: two metro tickets.
Visit to Washington D.C. zoo. Fee: two metro tickets.
Indoor sky diving 
Offers a 12% discount promo code:To be filled in soon
Otherwise, e-mail tony@opengovhub.org to see if someone in that organization is willing to put you up in a guestroom in D.C. (for free or a small fee). 
Airbnb is another option, especially if there is a group of you. If you stay close to one of the metro lines, eg. In Arlington (technically, outside of D.C.) you can find less expensive accommodation. The metro and bus systems work well. Use Google Maps to estimate travel times. 
Or couch surfing is a free option. Be careful of the profile both that you present and of the host. 
D.C. International hostel has dormitory rooms with several beds, and within walking distance of the conference venue. This is not too expensive. Since it is suggested here, there is. Chances are that other ISSS members will also be in the same hostel. 
Banquet Dinner
The banquet will either be catered by, or in a restaurant.
Which option will depend on the numbers and prices. 
Watch this space.