Sonoma 2006

The 50th Anniversary Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
Sonoma State University, 9-14 July 2006
Complexity, Democracy and Sustainability
Debora Hammond, President
2006 Proceedings
Opening Welcome


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Sunday Evening (July 9, 2006)
Opening Keynote: Fritjof Capra
Monday Plenary (July 10): The Dynamics of Complex Systems
1)      Introduction
Ralph Abraham, University of California, Santa Cruz
Yaneer Bar-Yam, New England Complex Systems Institute
2)      George Richardson, System Dynamics
3)      Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute
4)      Geoffrey West, continued
Tuesday Plenary (July 11): Self-Organizing and Living Systems
1)      Juanita Brown, World Café, Institute for the Future
Sally Goerner, Integral Science Institute
Susan Oyama, City University of New York
2)      Susan Oyama, continued
Pille Bunnell, American Society for Cybernetics
Wednesday Plenary (July 12): Ecology and Sustainability
1)      Larry Robinson, Opening Poem
Alexander & Kathia Laszlo, Student Awards
John Adams, Saybrook Graduate School
Jane Lorand, Green MBA, New College of California
2)      Jane Lorand, continued
3)      Richard Norgaard, University of California, Berkeley
Thursday Plenary (July 13): Social Systems Design and Practice
1)      Commentary on Participatory Design Process
John Broadbent, Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology
Kathia Laszlo, Presidio School of Management

Audio Recordings
Credit for recordings to David Ing.
Title Name
Len Troncale Intro Sys Sci Praxis
Hammond, Robinson, Kauffman Welcome
Fritjof Capra Complexity and Life
Hammond, Metcalf, Laszlo Plenary opening
Ralph Abraham Complexity is Okay
Yaneer Bar Yam Complexity
5 speakers Complex Systems Panel
Geoffrey West Scaling in Systems
David Ing, chair SIG on SABI
David Ing, chair SIG on SABI
Juanita Brown World Cafe
Sally Goerner Copernican Flip
Susan Oyama Developmental Systems and Evol
Juanita Brown World Cafe Rearrangement
Pille Bunnell Distinctions
David Ing, chair SIG on SABI
Doug McDavid, Jahn Ballard Gen Sys Theory, Op Accounting
John Adams Psych of Sustainability
Jane Lorand Demystifying Two Systems
Richard Norgaard Ringing Call Clanks
Ken Bailey, G.A. Swanson Soc Entropy Theory, Accounting
Stuart Umpleby Reflexivity in Soc Sys Design
Stuart Umpleby Reflexivity in Soc Sys Design
McDavid, Patwardhan Co-sustenance
Vickers Aware winner Vickers presentation
Roundtable Bridging Generations Panel
Robinson, Metcalf, Autopoetics Plenary Opening
Laszlo, Johnston Social System Design
Johnston, Laszlo, Taylor Lens on Social System Design
Warmouth, McDavid Symposium on Alternative Econ
Breakout discussion Symposium on Alternative Econ
Regroup Symposium on Alternative Econ
Hammond, Combs, Bunnell Plenary opening
Hammond, Combs, Bunnell
Joanna Macy The Great Turning
Autopoetics Closing Ritual