SIG: Research to General Theories

SIG: Research Towards General Systems Theories - Chair: David Rousseau. Email:
General Systems Theories (GSTs) are needed to unify the systems sciences under common frameworks of description, analysis and explanation, and open up new routes to systems-scientific innovation. Current GSTs are still nascent, and this SIG provides a venue for developing and discussing ideas, strategies, frameworks, opportunities and challenges relevant to research towards developing and applying GSTs.
Topics include:
Refining the concepts central to general systems research, such as “system”, “isomorphy”, “mechanism”, “open-ness”, “emergence”, etc.;
Affirming or challenging the philosophical frameworks underlying contemporary general systems research;
Identifying isomorphies of systemic behaviors across kinds of concrete systems, and exposing the systemic mechanisms underlying or linking them;
Identifying general systems principles that underlie systemic isomorphies, or strategies for identifying such principles, and related work;
Discussing the limitations and potentials of GST to facilitate interdisciplinary communication, scientific discovery, and the unity of knowledge; and
The development of a transdisciplinarity grounded in GST.

Every Saturday the ISSS members meet online using iZoom in conversation on a variety of topics. 
Below is the introduction fo Research towards General Theories of Systems and Systems Philosophy presented to ISSS members.
Introduction by David Rousseau from Saturday SIG Session in 2019