Online 2021 Public

ISSS 2021 Annual Conference was online using the cvent platform, July 7-14 2021.
Select video recordings from essions are here for public viewing. For these videos all participants have agreed for the video recordings from sessions to be shared publicly.
Many other video recordings are reserved for members only on a different page.
ISSS 2021 Presidential Welcome - Delia MacNamara
Keynote: Imagination, Science and the Art of Systems Thinking: Christopher Chase
Systems Literacy Presentation Peter Tuddenham
Systems Science - An Atlas - Lynn Rasmussen
Using Systems Science to Articulate, Model, and Transcend That Which Divides Us
Presentation to the Special Session: Future of Human Social Systems - Lynn Rasmussen
Kerry Turner
Kerry Turner
E-Syn  - Report on Online Syntegration January 2021 - Allenna Leonard and Peter Tuddenham