Corvallis 2019

The annual meeting and conference for ISSS are the highlight of the year. In 2019 ISSS gathered in Corvallis, Oregon.
Corvallis 2019 Alternative Yearbook - A story in media  - Natures Enduring Patterns as a Path to Systems Literacy (Video, Graphics and Text)
Video recordings directly related to the theme of Systems Literacy
The President for the year is responsible for the theme. Peter D Tuddenham was the President in 2018-2019 and along with help from a small team created the theme of Natures Enduring Patterns as a path to Systems Literacy.  Natures Enduring Patterns can be interpreted broadly. It also refers to the work of Len Troncale who gave the Bertalanffy Lecture. Pille Bunnell gave the Ranulph Glanville Memorial Lecture.
The activities of a year in the life of ISSS were historically captured in regular Bulletins and a Yearbook. You can read the history on this website under the Library tab. This page will collect and reflect the 2018-2019 Year for ISSS and be a form of "Alternative Yearbook".
Corvallis 2019 Program advertising the  2019 Conference
Corvallis 2019 Program
Corvallis 2019 Program on meeting app SCHED
Video collection from the 2019 Conference.
Corvallis 2019 Program and Abstracts Book