Online 2022: Advances in Systems Sciences and Systems Practice

The conference is now concluded.
7 - 11 July 2022 The Conference Website on CVENT can be accessed here. Recordings are on the CVENT website.
Featured Speakers
George Mobus, Bill Rees, Tyler Volk, David Holmgren, Vanessa Andreotti, Cynthia Kurtz, Janet McIntyre, Raghav Rajagopalan, Megan Seneque, Bayo Akomolafe, Melanie Goodchild, Jules Yim, Peter Jones, Tony Hodgson, Paul Pangaro, Bill Seaman, Louise Allison, and many more.
Thank you to our generous sponsors for 2022. 
Citizens of Macau SAR CHINA and Ancient Balance Medicine
Check this website regularly for updates on the 2022 Online Conference.
Please note: There are multiple websites comprising this year's conference experience. (this website) is the Society's webpage where you can find information on how to submit abstracts, important dates and also find the Conference Theme and Call for Papers. You can also find information on the Student Awards here
There is a new opportunity for Next Generation Systems Scholars.
The Conference Website on CVENT can be accessed here. Visit this page regularly for updates on conference sessions including Keynote Speakers, Plenary Sessions and other important events. The conference agenda will be loaded on this website real-time, as it is created. 
The Online Journal System (OJS) website can be accessed here. This is where you can upload your submissions. 
The Conference Attendee Hub will be open in the week leading up to the conference and will be the website where the online conference will be held.