ISSS was founded in 1954. You will be joining a society with a distinguished history.
There are several academic journals affiliated with ISSS. Membership offers you the opportunity to connect and receive advice from editors of the journals, many of whom are members of ISSS.
If you do not have access through a university or library you can access the journal Systems Research and Behavioral Science as a benefit of membership.
Members live around the world. As a member you have access to the Member Directory for networking.
You can join one or more of the many Special Integration Groups to support your research and application interests.
Every Saturday throughout the year join a 1-2 hour online Zoom meeting on a different systems topic.
The ISSS website is treasure trove of resources. As a member you have access to all the General Systems Yearbooks from 1956 on, as well regular Bulletins. They contain a wealth of information documenting the evolution of systems thinking, systems science, methodologies and applications.
One of the founders of the ISSS and the author of Living Systems Theory, James Grier Miller, recorded 18 interviews with leading systems scholars including many Nobel Prize winners, as a member you can watch those videos recordings. Dr. Miller recorded 20 lectures on Living Systems Theory which are all online for members to watch.
All the Saturday meetings since December 2018 are recorded and are available for members to watch online.